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Yep! This is us!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Picture taken by Iris Van Nes

Welcome to our blog! We're so happy you're here! Following our journey and we'll try our best to keep you interested and inspired as we share our stories. So do yourself a favor, grab something to drink, coffee or maybe a cocktail (highly recommended), and lets get the adventure started.

Never in a million years did we imagine destiny will bring us here!

We remember the day...

The day when we looked at each other, as if reading the other's thoughts.

"Are you sure?" we asked ourselves.

We both nodded about this one, and in that instant, we made up our minds... join forces and start this journey to make our dreams come true. At the moment we had both lost our jobs (we already knew we weren't office-type girls) and speculated it could be a coincidence; however, we decided to take a chance on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Looking back, we now understand this was destiny giving us the possibility to exercise what God and the universe had chosen for us.

We can clearly remember when these two little girls would plan birthday parties for their dolls and invite the neighbors to be part of our celebrations. And it feels like it was yesterday when we had our first event, feeling excitement and doubt, constantly asking , "Are we doing it right?" Yes, we questioned our lack of experience, but the desire to do it and empower each other was bigger than any insecurity we ever had.

Beginnings are hard, They're filled with obstacles, lack of trust and experience and a lot of insecurity in leading a team. However, we established values and vision for We Plan, and since day one, we have been committed to and illustrated those in the events and experiences we create and share with our clients.

It's that commitment and drive that made us unstoppable. From getting many "no's", to knocking on doors of established professionals in the industry, to working countless complimentary events (in order to get recognition and earn our clients' trust), to throwing small events for friends and family... we did it all! Like sponges, we absorbed everything, anything, researched, studied, polished our skills and soon we started getting referrals and new customers. We started off small, mostly themed baby showers, and as fun as it was, we wanted more! Our dream was to conceptualize weddings and events, a custom-tailored experience for our clients where our service and attention to detail was memorable.

And then that break comes, the one you can only be present to when you are immersed and laser focused on your dream. Torcello Eventos, was the one that gave us that chance! Not only did they see what we had to offer and the vision we have for this industry, they share the same vision with their couples! They gave us the opportunity in taking the lead in planning their events, resulting in an extraordinary and inspiring partnership, a beautiful sisterhood, many years of friendship, trust and respect between colleagues and companies. We can't wait to share the amazing weddings we've produced as a together!

And that's how it all began for us. We jumped on this roller coaster filled with tons of excitement, countless hours of hard work (and coffee), laughter, commitment and so many stories with happy weddings witnessed by us and our team.

Eight years later, and it feels like yesterday when this idea was born, we dreamed and talked about planning and throwing big parties, having couples willing to work with us, sharing their stories and trusting our vision and professionalism. And today, we are so grateful for this ride, and hope to continue delivering what we most enjoy - The Most Amazing Experience of your Lifetime.

When all is said and done, we wanted to share this with you because if you have that dream that won't subside, and you're afraid of taking the leap, just go for it, fight for it, work for it. Hustle hard and give every once of yourself to make it happen - research, study, take courses, be humble and appreciate the journey. Don't ever let anyone say you can't do it and stay empowered because you deserve to give yourself that chance and you are worth it, If we can do it, so can you.


Crystal & Ambar

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